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Sketch of Ornaments for Kriya Art

At least 500 years ago Japara wood carvings have been decorated with various intricate ornaments. At the end of the 19th century and in the early 20th century, Kartini raised the art of Japara carving with its intricate ornaments to the international scene. Inspired by Kartini deeply studied by Rumah Kartini Japara, we take the ornaments of flora and fauna that used to be used…

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Kartini Crafts Packaging

Box pencil that has a beautiful and neat carvings is perfect if also wrapped in a slick packaging We made this packaging with manual screen printing to emphasize that each of our products is handmade. The selection of gold ink for logos and letters on black paper aims not only to show contrast in your eyes, but also to symbolize Kartini’s writings, a glimmer of…

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Reproduction Kartini Artwork

Kartini Crafts was born when we got the trust from Rumah Kartini to get involved in reproducing some of Kartini’s works. One of the works we reproduction is a jewelry box whose six sides are entirely filled with carvings of wayang figures. In the center of the lid is written Javanese script: MARI. Marie is the name of the wife of Dolf Abendanon, the youngest…

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Macan Kurung ( macan means Tiger and Kurung means Cage )

In the Rumah Kartini gallery on Jalan KH. Moliki 02, Pengkol Mbelik, Jepara, stands a wooden statue of Macan Kurung, a masterpiece of Japara carving whose technique is almost extinct. It is said that when Singowiryo, a carving expert from the village of Blakanggunung, was the one who created the Macan Kurung. it is said that Singowiryo created it to commemorate Kartini who has given…

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